Antibedsore kit’s Antibedsore Kit is recommended for the prevention and treatment of first stage bedsores, in long-term therapies and home therapies. The alternation of the points of contact with the epidermis performs a gentle massage that allows a good flow of blood and good oxygenation of the tissues, preventing the formation of pressure ulcers. Easy to install, use and maintain with the possibility of adjusting the pressure according to the weight of the patient. The folded mattress is made of PVC. Made up of 130 cells, 15.2 cm high, particularly comfortable, it is fixed to the mattress with the flaps. All parts of the mattress are washable. Two plastic-coated metal hooks allow you to hang the compressor at the end of the bed.


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Compressor Technical Specifications (LAR054)
– Power supply: 220V / 50-60Hz
– Pressure delivered: 40-100 mmHg
– Power cable: 2.1 m
– Air outlet: 6-7 LPM
– Time of one cycle: 6 min.
– Weight: 1.6 kg

Technical specifications of the mattress
– Dimension without inflated cuffs: L: 1950 x D: 880 x H: 152 mm + 550 mm cuff
– Material: medical PVC
– Material thickness: 0.80mm (± 0.02%)
– Cell height inflated: 15.2 cm
– Capacity: 145 kg
– Weight: 4.6 kg