Blood pressure monitor

The pressure monitor is a digital arm device designed for the detection of arterial parameters. It is intended for an adult audience, to be used at home or in a doctor’s office. The device allows a quick and reliable measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate, through the oscillometric method. This device offers clinically proven accuracy and is easy to use.

Dispositivo Medico cl. IIa.


Non-inverse Pressure Measurement Range: 0-280 mmHg.
Cuff pressure range: 0-299 mmHg.
Pulse measurement range: 40-199 BPM.
Pressure Measurement Accuracy: +/- 3mmHg.
Pulse Measurement Accuracy: +/- 5%.
Memories: 2 x 120 groups: 2 x 120 groups.
Average function: average of the last 3 groups of measures.
Materials: ABS + LCD Display.
Power supply: 6V DC internal power source (4 x AAA) or external DC 6V system.
Dimensions: 18x110x52 mm.
LCD: 64×95 mm.
Bracelet material: Nylon.
Bracelet size: 22×40 cm.
Automatic control of the blown pressure.
Low battery indication.
Date and time display.
Package includes: bracelet, instructions, batteries and bag / case.