The For.me.sa. of the For.Gin line, the company’s core business, is a medical device used for the administration of therapeutic fluids via the vagina or rectum. The product is available complete with all the accessories necessary for its correct use.

Class I medical device.



Enema is a medical Device used to release the last part of intestine from faeces and/or gas, with the insertion of a probe in the rectum and/or in the sigma, using medical fluids in according to the medical prescription of your treating physician, it can be easily used at your home.
One anal cannula for enema and one vaginal irrigation cannula are included.
Single-patient use is recommended.


Instruction for use

Open the graduated bag.
Tighten the transparent pipe to the lower part of the bag, screwing in thoroughly.
Connect securely the free end of the valve to the anal or vaginal cannula. Hang vertically the bag, using the handle.
Fill the bag up with the liquid solution chosen by your physician for the washing at a temperature not higher than body temperature.
Open the tap valve to start the intestinal or vaginal washing.
Once the washing is over, close the valve.
After the use, clean carefully using soft sponges with tepid water and neutral soap. Keep it away from light and heat sources.



1 bag in PVC with handle; 1 transparent pipe in PVC; 1 valve with opening lever; 1 connector; 1 short anal cannula; 1 long vaginal cannula.


Cleaning mode

Before using the Device for the FIRST TIME and the NEXT ONES, disassemble manually every part and wash using tepid water and neutral soap and then disinfect.
Do not use brushes for the cleaning but only soft sponges in order to do not scratch the surface.
Do not use alcohol, solvents, and acid products to clean the surfaces of the Device.


Use not permitted

Some uses not allowed, therefore FORBIDDEN of the Device:
• Use in contact with human parts of the body injured.
• Use for temporary use exceeding 60 minutes.
• Use for douches different from vaginal or rectal type.
• Insert into the Device substances which are not liquid and with a viscosity different from the water.
• Use together with or as a part of other medical Device.
• Use with fluids not at body temperature.
• Change or distort the component parts and/or the features.
• Use before consulting with a doctor.
• Abuse the use.

Additional information


Aprire la sacca graduata. Avvitare il tubo trasparente alla parte inferiore della sacca, avvitandolo a fondo.
Collegare saldamente l’estremità libera del rubinetto con la cannula anale o vaginale. Appendere verticalmente la sacca, utilizzando la maniglia. Riempire la sacca con la soluzione scelta per il lavaggio indicata dal proprio medico. Aprire la valvola del rubinetto per effettuare il lavaggio intestinale o vaginale.
Una volta terminato il lavaggio, chiudere il
rubinetto. Dopo l’uso, pulire accuratamente utilizzando spugne morbide con acqua tiepida e sapone neutro.