Hot and cold therapy gelatin hot-cold therapy gelatin, coated with taffeta, is used to relieve some symptoms and / or dysfunctions generated by diseases on the human body.
Heatable in the microwave, or cooled in the freezer, the device represents a valid support in its multiple uses.

Class I medical device


Used for cold therapy to control and relieve pain caused by exertion, bruising, traction, burns, fever, headache, toothache and insect bites. It also helps reduce swelling and inflammation caused by hematomas, sprains, trauma, hyperthermia and in all cases where cryotherapy is required.
Used for heat therapy, it provides relief for aching and stiff joints, muscle tension and cramps. It also helps to reduce pain resulting from muscle spasms, lumbago, stiff neck, rheumatism, hypothermia, musculoskeletal trauma, menstrual pain and in all cases where heat is required.


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