Inflatable anti-decubitus donut

The inflatable anti-decubitus donut are devices aimed at preventing the formation of bedsores and / or relieving the discomfort caused by them. Optional equipment, the pump for a correct and moderate inflation before its use.

Class I medical device.


Made of 45% natural rubber, the deluxe donuts easily adapt to the anatomy of the body of those who use them, offering comfort and support from any support surface.
Available sizes in diameter: 40, 43, and 45cm;
Swollen Donut Size: 42cm x 45cm x 47cm;
Donut weight: 40cm (520g); 43cm (550g); 45 (600g).

Additional information


• Before using the device, clean carefully the external surface with tepid water and neutral soap.
• Do not use to clean any abrasive substance or different cleaner from what specifically mentioned.
• Dry and be careful about the inflation valve.
• Inflate the Device using the pump (if it is included in the pack) or using a manual compressor (like a bicycle pump).
• Repeat this process as needed. Inflate moderately.
• Excessive air inflations could cause breakage and irreversible damages.
• Put the Device on a plane surface before the use.
• At the end of the use, deflate, clean and store the device, away from dust and light sources.

To avoid choking, keep the bag out of reach of babies and children.
Use it only on intact skin and following the instructions written on this package insert.
Every different use from what mentioned, has to be considered not correct.
Store the Device at ambient temperature, away from heat sources and dust. Dispose in compliance with the current regulation.
In case of allergic reactions, discontinue use of the product and contact your doctor.


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