Our story starts in the early 1980s, in Noceto, as a one-man company, and after a number of company changes in the early 1990s, For.Me.Sa. “forniture medico sanitarie” entered the pharmacy and medical supplies market through a direct sales network addressing distribution channel wholesalers.
With a view to expanding and adapting to its customers’ needs, in recent years the company has broadened its channels to includea division dedicated to nursing homes and geriatric patients.
For.me.sa. serves the domestic and international distribution channel with a wide range of products in order to satisfy the diverse requirements of its customers.
The various product lines include those dedicated to aerosol therapy, resuscitation and rehabilitation, gynaecology and neonatology, incontinence and hot/cold therapy, as well as the new geriatric care line.
For.me.sa. manufactures most of its products and medical devices, of which two can be considered the company’s flagship products: the  pessary, a class IIb medical device for the containment of uterine prolapse and Giotty the patented, proprietary electric pill crusher.
The company has UNI CEI EN ISO 13485 certification issued by Istituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualità – IMQ in Milan and is in possession of class IIa and IIb product certification issued by Kiwa Cermet in Bologna. All Medical Devices are registered with the Italian Ministry of Health.



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Young and female

The female gender predominates at For.me.sa., where out of a total of 21 employees and staff, there are 15 women.

From the outset, our pioneering CEO Daisy Bizzi chose to invest in young female talents, and over the years has championed a number of initiatives, to promote the role of women in the world in general and the workplace in particular.