Doing business in post-2020: meeting with the regional Councilor

The region councilor of Emilia Romagna, Matteo Daffadà, visited the Noceto headquarters to talk about the economic, logistical and organizational aspects of the Emilian entrepreneurial activity in this particular 2020.

In addition to the company’s presentation and its historical evolution, some issues linked to the recent Covid-19 pandemic have been discussed. More in details, the heart of the matter was about the procurement and evaluation of Medical Devices (DM) and Personal Protection Devices (PPE) needed by health professionals and the community at that time.

Daisy Bizzi, general manager of For.Me.Sa., also pointed out how the lack of clear and direct communication between companies and the Region is a gap to be filled. In fact, debates and exchanges of information would facilitate not only the business activity – with a view to protecting companies – but above all, they would contribute to meeting the needs of the community, especially in a time of global health crisis.

For this reason, Daisy Bizzi highlighted the importance of creating an effective communication network in which timeliness must play a pivotal role. In agreement with Daisy Bizzi, the councilor Daffadà specified that this “network”, already pointed out in the past, has become increasingly more urgent and it will be important to implement the idea.