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It is the result of a four-month internship at, the thesis of recently graduated Giorgia Balestrieri, who completed her studies at the Department of Linguistic and Cultural Studies of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, with an exploratory study about the use of communication in the working enviroment and particularly on modern epistolary strategies.

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Christmas is nice if shared, even better if in advance

1 Dec 2020 News

During this unusual 2020, decided to allocate its budget, usually intended to corporate gifts, for something different … On Friday, December 27th, 10 thousand three-ply surgical masks have been donated to ​the Pontetaro committee of the Italian Red Cross.

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Terziario Donna of Ascom is born

21 Dec 2018 News

For.Me.Sa. is pleased to be part of the 8,500 companies, of the Parma territory, led by women entrepreneurs and, now, brought together by Ascom to give value to women and make them protagonists of a new business model.


Intesa Sanpaolo’s Women Value Company

22 Jun 2018 Events, News Srl was recognized among the first 110 companies out of 460 candidates, as an excellent and virtuous company. Our General Manager Daisy Bizzi received the award.

The Marisa Bellisario Foundation and Intesa San Paolo for the second year running have launched the “Women Value Company Intesa Sanpaolo” Award adressed to small and medium-sized enterprises that stand out in the enhancement of female work and in the management of gender diversity, implementing policies and strategies aimed at guaranteeing equal opportunities and career recognition. The goal was to involve the business world in a path of female empowerment, giving visibility to the most virtuous and innovative practices.

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