Electric pill crushers: Giotty and Severo 3.0

severo e giotty

Mincing pills and preparing oral therapies can be difficult for healthcare professionals who have to repeat it frequently every day. In addition to the time wasting, the healthcare professional is subjected to constant physical exertion of the upper limbs and inhalation of dust resulting from pill crushing. To overcome these problems and ensure optimal conditions for nurses and other professionals in carrying out their daily work, For.me.sa. proposes the 2018 Electric Pill Crusher Line.

Giotty is the pill crusher patened by For.me.sa. to easily prepare oral therapies. The particular conformation of the rotor and the stator allow to obtain a high guarantee of tablets crushing. 80% of nurses find it comfortable and prefer to use the Giotty over traditional crushing methods. With Giotty you can prepare therapies in hygienic and safe conditions using normal coffee cups.


Severo 3.0 is the best known electric pill crusher for healthcare and assistance facilities; it pulverizes any tablet in seconds, reducing therapy preparation time by 40%. The use of disposable cups and washers guarantees maximum hygiene and allows the crusher to be always ready for use.


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