What we have learned from Covid

«We gave one’s best this year, we have all been put to the test, learning to work with a new and different methodologies – Daisy Bizzi tells, the For.me.sa. General Manager. – Even the way to import changed…

…with insane timing and costs, unthinkable until that day. However, the desperation of people and the emergency lived was very strong. It is not a merely commercial debate but, effectively, among February and May, if we had not provided the products to our customers, the population would not have received the personal protective equipment to protect themselves against the virus. The products began to assume a different ethical value leading For.me.sa. to review the product markup in favour of the common good and to forget the competition among companies».

Within the company «where and when it was possible we tried to collaborate, facing something of new, aggressive and unexpected. The result was a positive influence between the employees, who have proved to be very collaborative with each other, even in smart-working, they have shown to know how to work achieving the same results as in office, and sometimes, even more».

Daisy Bizzi concludes: «We have also faced the difficulty of the constant reorganization of the priorities: everything that until then was marginal became routine and vice-versa».