Medica 2017 according to us

20 Nov 2017 Events, News

Message from Daisy Bizzi, General Manager of srl

Dear Partners,

once the annual meeting of Medica is over, we would like to state with satisfaction that for every ending there is always a new beginning. Projected towards new horizons, it is important for us to express all our thanks to the customers and suppliers for their renewed “can-do” attitude and availability.

We can enthusiastically note the strong turnout at our stand, the curiosity and interest shown towards our products portofolio. We were engaged in fruitful discussions and constructive exchange of ideas and projects for the future.

The company success is determined above all by those who allow us to daily make a competitive and successful company; for this reason, we renew our heartfelt thanks for having contributed concretely to the participation in this event.

Hoping for an ongoing partnership, with a perspective of growth and progress, we wish our best regards.